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BMW E-Scooter Concept

Written By Motorcycle Scoop on Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | 7/19/2011 02:54:00 AM

BMW E-Scooter for development, electric scooters from BMW. BMW has unveiled the concept car electric scooter, which is aimed at commuters. For this to practical performance and provide a range of 100 kilometers. Promoted the scooter with electric drive, the Federal Ministry of Transport.
BMW E-Scooter Concept. Photo: BMW
BMW has unveiled the concept car electric scooter, which is aimed at commuters. For this to practical performance and provide a range of 100 kilometers. Promoted the scooter with electric drive, the Federal Ministry of Transport.
BMW E-Scooter Electric. Photo: BMW
So far, electric scooters are mostly small, rather poorly equipped and with little stamina. Contrast to the E-Scooter, BMW has a range of 100 kilometers and be strong enough to busy urban highways and also with two people to move forward expeditiously. According to the BMW concept Scooter accelerates from zero to 60 km / h as fast as a 600cc scooter with current internal combustion engine.

The battery casing made ​​of aluminum serves as the main frame. The electric motor is located behind it and transmits its power through a belt and a chain to the rear. During braking and coasting, part of the kinetic energy is recovered, which is to increase the range by up to 20 percent. The charging time is BMW with less than three hours. Charger, and motor control electronics are water cooled. Whether and when the BMW E-Scooter gained the maturity phase is not yet known.
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Recalls for Yamaha FJR 1300 A and AS

Problems with wiring harness and brake light switch Yamaha FJR 1300 A and AS.

Yamaha FJR 1300 A great tourer and the semi-automatic version of AS have in the shop - make a possible ground fault in the wiring harness and problems with the brake light switch recall necessary. Below you will find the vehicle numbers affected.
Yamaha FJR 1300 Motorcycle.
In the Yamaha FJR 1300 A and AS can cause a failure of the electronics, because a ground connection to the six ground cables are connected, may be too warm, if all consumers are switched on. Due to the heat, the connection can deform or melt and it can lead to conspicuous inhabitants of Einspritzanlange electronic or other components. The workshop will be - free - Affected FJR models either the entire wiring harness replaced, even if a defect is noted, or the vulnerability is replaced Duch an additional auxiliary wiring harness.

Another production of the group Yamaha FJR 1300 - here is the A version affected - has to contend with another potential problem: There are defects of the front brake light switch. If this fails, drivers can not see behind the affected motorcycle timely if it slows down. An obvious, that lead to dangerous situations that can. In the affected motorcycles, the brake light switch is replaced so free.
Here are the numbers of affected vehicles Yamaha FJR 1300 A / AS (harness):

JYARP131000000301 to JYARP131000008585
JYARP13A000000011 to JYARP13A000005174
JYARP135000000301 to JYARP135000001887
JYARP13E000000301 to JYARP13E000001027

Here are the numbers of affected vehicles Yamaha  FJR 1300 A (brake light switch):

JYARP13A000005957 to JYARP13A000006291
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Ducati Monster 1100 Evo - Driving Report

The sporty naked bike from Ducati.
The monster comes of age. The eighteenth birthday he donated the strongest Ducati air-cooled V2 of all time, a more refined ergonomics and other nice gifts, which brings him the additional name of "Evo".
First, the Street Fighter, then recently the Diavel. Muscular, evil-inspired naked bikes at Ducati have apparently currently booming. A role that was previously reserved for the monster.
Ducati Monster 1100 Evo Motorcycle.

The reason, however, will not stay onside. No, Ducati knows the appeal of the Monster family in general and in particular their leader, and this can therefore bestow a proper facelift. And rightly so. For one thing, the monster was 1100 in last year after the Multistrada the best-selling motorcycle. Second, it embodies like no other, the classic, pure driving machine. Free of unnecessary frills, committed to the unfiltered driving pleasure.

To maintain this, they received 20 millimeters higher handlebar brackets and a newly contoured seat. Both can be retrofitted on the previous model, to silence the nagging at the very far front wheel-oriented seating position. And a new air-cooled 1100cc twin was implanted. Where the so new is not. Basically it is the aggregate of the Hypermotard 1100 Evo. Has thus, in contrast to the previous monster drive pistons that increase the compression ratio of 10.7 to 11.3:1. Optimized intake ports and combustion chambers, making the need for dual ignition, and camshafts. The flywheel of the 848 savings, alternator cover made of magnesium alloy and the housing Vacuralguss 2.5 kg weight. And now enjoy the convenience of the monster-tamer smooth APTC slipper clutch, which now bathes in motor oil.

Really new, however, is derived from the four-stage Superbikes traction control, ABS can be switched off as the factory here. And the exhaust system, which creates the bold sweep of her elbow the optical bridge to Street Fighter and Diavel. It saves more than half a kilogram of weight and, together with the larger airbox for stramme 95 hp in the papers. And for a great sound. The pressure on the starter monsters answered with a rich, smug babbling. The fork handles amazingly sensitive to the patches, more exercise hardness is directly hinged to the strut.

So, get out of the city crowd, up onto the highway that winds through beautiful bends towards the snow-capped peak of Mount Etna. The L-Twin is crisp and right on the gas. In the lower gears it takes even speeds over 2000 rpm just not crooked. He runs around comfortably but as soon as the bar-type LCD tachometer in the moderate-to-read cockpit that reaches third From the four flowers on the two-valve engine. But only from 5500 rpm right he rolls up his sleeves. From there, he dashes right merrily, the speed ladder up to the limiter. The Monster Evo celebrates not the massive departure from the ground floor speed, rather it builds on a strong middle and temperament out above.

As for who it quiet, which is soft and easy to calculate the onset of shear ranging from below. Should follow the curve but are quickly defeated, frequent switching is called for, so the speed does not fall under the fifth What is thanks to the smooth clutch and precise gearbox is no act. Even at high speeds to take the measure and is not an unpleasant vibration of the twin is not rowdy loud. Instead, his tone changes from bassy drums in mononuclear hammers, unabashedly in the shift operation from the short muffler to smack.

Engaging the brake pads gently take the first grab some sharpness. So it is also the right sporting spirit, the strong bite that one wishes to set for late braking maneuvers, have been lost. Normal pace quite enough of this vote. But the pace with a very sporty look stopper despite high hand forces blunt.

Suspension systems, everything remained the same. And so far there are really no surprises: And yet it is amazing how much difference can make 20 mm handlebar height. One is no longer as tightly stretched over the front wheel, the thing was loose in his hand. This bothers far not so bad. And because the new Ducati Monster seat  of the rider no longer so intrusive pushes towards the tank, it scares the monsters with a marked laxity through the corners. No question, the new Ducati Monster seating arrangement you are doing extremely well. One hundred percent neutral, while also driving this monster is not through the corners, a smooth train on the handlebars, they still need. But they are tiresome refrains Installation in oblique position almost entirely. The new Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, rear suspension with dual-compound construction with soft rubber grip on the sides and plenty of harmony, very good.

The ease that gets sporty driving through the relaxed riding position, makes powerful mood, and so the monster sailing with finely and accurately drawn arcs through the corners. Even if the fork when driving forward matched fairly soft and the balance was not yet optimal. Time for some set-up work, unfortunately not offered to the tight timetable that must be postponed so the first test. The driver is driving it on some steam wheel too far, it is the traction control in tricky situations, like the rain across the roadway distributed volcanic soil, gentle regulating the side. What the fine first impression of the monster rounds Evo 1100. And that's probably the best birthday gift.
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